Saturday, December 1, 2012



My bf asks me just now.. 'dah x update blog?'

Ni update ni... :)

Life is getting interesting. See u soon :)

Monday, March 26, 2012


Salam :)

Hee. Habis quarter year baru nak update! Yeah saya memang malas! Ahaha. Well, a quick one as its already 1016pm, and I need my beauty sleep!

Life : Well same ol, only 1 year older. I celebrated my birthday a month ago, and it was great. But it would be better if I can celebrate it at home, of course. But dear boyfriend went the extra mile and bawak me to Kg Pelet, this great place where the food is awesommmeee. The environment is awesoommeee. Mmg syiokk. So it was lomantikk and great :) Thanks love. My family been good, went to Family Trip early of Feb, it was GREAT. I miss them soooooo.. :(

Relationship : Great! Working in the same dept have its perks! We're cool kan b haha

Work : Got my first increment, my first bonus, and commit my first shipment. Yeaaayyy. All is looking good, but maybe its time to move on, its always best to move when u are at ur best. Huaa. We'll see where my rezeki is..

Friends : Greeeaat as usual. Love u guys :) Love me back k kalau tak tanak kawan ;)

Health : Yes OK and aiming to be healthier. Yeeeah.

So hows my summary? :)

Rgrds, Qla

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Salam :D

Muka si bebulat menghiasi page anda..
Im getting sleepy, Ill update tomorrow lah. :)


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Salam.. ;)

So a lot of people around me are getting married or engaged, i would also, iAllah when the time comes. When the costs of the marriage itself is A LOT, i believe i can still cut down the cost, bcos in the end, it all comes down to you to make the choices.

Such as door gift. You seriously wanna give something that cost rm3 such as chocolate/mug/cupcakes to random ppl? If you got the money to splurge why not? But for me, eggs will always be my choice. Bcos eggs itself is a symbol of fertility, and hey, people can eat them! When I got the cute chocolates/cupcakes, I usually sayang to makan, and then berkulat like that je. Sayang kannn? Even eggs pon you can give them in nice box or put some stickers on them saying Thank you or what nots. Boleh saja donk!

Food is something I wont cut cost on. So good food = pricey tag. No prob, I dont want my guests to sakit perut or say Tak Sedappp. Not the way I want my guest to remind me of ;)

Baju. 1 outfit is enough. Banyak2 panas. 1 at my side, 1 at his. Sudahhhh. ;)

Hantaran. We will work something out, is not going to buy IPAD/IPHONE/SAMSUNG whatnots. Maybe shirts, songket (Terengganu is famous for those), bag, wallet, shoes those stuffs. We still need money for life after the kenduri.

Miscellaneous things, such as cards, photographer, titbits.. bla bla..

And guess what. Although I seem to cut all I can, it still amounts up to 20k for my side. Its a realistic figure, that one is EXCLUDING  house rents, bills, car payment,food for two after married. Hahaha. All of that for one day event. If I have my way, I am sure I can cut 1/3 of that, but not sure the family will go for it. HMM.

Butttt, although you can not cut cost for the event, you can cut cost by buying your honeymoon at Groupon! Bless this website, got Bali, Langkawi, Cambodia.. Langkawi ones look tempting.. So Qila wait for your honeymoooonnn hehe.

Nota : Entri ni adalah suka2 sahaja. I am NOT getting amrried in the near future. No plans yet. Moga dipermudahkan segalanya. And yeah, I believe one of the ways to save money is without having Engagement Day. Terus kahwin sajaaa. Hehe. Tapi sekali lagi diulangi, if you have the money, why not? Go ahead. As for me, working hard for money makes me very calculative, and I try cutting where I can.Berpijak di bumi yang nyata sambil mngecilkan periuk supaya keraknya juga nipis.

Sampai nanti.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Sayang.

Salam :)

As per the title, 23rd Oct 2011 will be my 2 years anniversary with Gee. Its been 2 years since the day we both had McD at the Alor Star Stadium, sealing our friendship into a relationship. It was truly one of my most cherished day, the day I become half yours.Ill be fully yours the day when dear daddy shake your hands, and that day, Ill have 2 men to be my crying shoulders. Damn I love you both.

Did you remember how malu i was at that time?
Did you noticed I was smiling so wide my face could crack?
Did you know how happy I was?

So sayang,

For being my boyfriend.
For being patient.
For always being there, altho I know sometimes I can be a little too much
For taking care of me, because my parents trusts you, a lot.
For making me happy.
For being YOU.

We'll celebrate our birthday ni nanti k?
Ill wait for you.
Bcos 1 day, 2 days, a week is nothing, bcos if you promise me you'll be here, Ill just wait.
And you'll know where to find me.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Introducing :)


Its raining.. mmg kondusif utk tido ni hehe. Lgpun I am super tired due to the last 2 days mmg sgt hectic.. Letih sgt.

Se let me introduce to you my new baby :

my blackberry curve 8520 at the left. Oke yang kanan boleh ignore, thats my company phone hee :D

Rasa sgt puas hati beli sebab it was using my own money, keja gigih2 and I treat myself with this thangg, although hanyalah low end punya model but then there's always room to upgrade the phone, IAllah ada rezeki nnt kan hehe. So skrg masih kenal mengenal my bb, using Bis Bonus saja bcos I dont want to use line, it costs too much ;(

What I like about bb is its simple, its basic, but its another level of simplicity and basic. Sgt best for me bcos it has the func that I need plus func len2 like the FB and Twitter. Just nice bcos I am a FB junkie so yeaaa :)

And the BBM, gets me connected with my Indo friends, for freeeee.. and we can BBM while at work, haha bcos sometimes I can get a little bored, so kacau2 here and there.. Naiss.

Skrg just need to pujuk dear bf beli bb jgk. Your tabby is nice, but its nicer if you can BBM me too :)


Monday, October 10, 2011


Salam :)

Hari ni puasa, iAllah nak puasa all week and mestilah teringin makan mcm2 kan..
So free sket kat office google la sambal bilis sebab teringin nak makan dgn kurma ayam ptg nnt :)

Sambal Bilis dan Kentang :

4 biji kentang

1 cawan ikan bilis belah

3 ulas bawang merah (ditumbuk)

1 ulas bawang putih (ditumbuk)

3 sudu makan cili boh (boleh dikurang/tambah)

2 sudu makan sos tiram

1-2 sudu makan madu (option)

Minyak utk menggoreng & menumis
  1. Kentang dikupas kulit, potong bentuk wedges, goreng hingga perang dan ketepikan
  2. Ikan bilis dicuci bersih, goreng hingga garing dan ketepikan
  3. Tumiskan bahan tumbuk hingga wangi dan garing.Masukkan cili boh,tumis sampai pecah minyak.Kemudian masukkan pula sos tiram dan madu.
  4. Kemudian masukkan kentang dan ikan bilis.Gaul sebati.Siap untuk dihidang
Resipi from :)

Kentang tu kalau sagat halus2 and crispy mesti lagi best! Ni yg seronok buat sambal sebab hari tu gigih buat cili boh sendiri. Cili boh jual kat sini semua pucat2. Dontch likeeee. :( So beli cili kering kat Giant, rendam dgn air suam, blend dengan bawang besar, bawang putih and sedikit halia bagi wangi. Garam masuk secubit. Tak payah banyak sebab nnt masak tambah garam lagi.. :) Puas ati tgk warna merah menyala cili boh buatan sendiri. Pedas plak tu. Terangkatttt.

Oke, sambung keje, kang nak balik on time katenye. Mak kena masak untuk anak2 ikan kat rumah. Hee.

Regards, Qila